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“Be sure to thank Phil for what I think was a tremendously thorough and expert inspection. I would recommend him every time. I was awed with all he looked at.”
Rob M. – 11/10

“Thank you for the very thorough job on the Davos Dr. inspection.  I am very impressed with your work!  Wish you were in the Bay Area-we could use more professionals like you here!”
Adrienne W. – 10/04

“Thanks again.  We very much appreciated your attention to detail and professionalism.”
Mike A. – 4/05

“I can’t believe you do these overnight.  We are accustomed to waiting 4 days or longer for reports.  I am very impressed with you.  Thank you again for your professionalism and the quality of your product and service.”
Paula E. – 4/05

“The report looks great.  I liked the detail with pictures.  I am a mortgage lender and that is one of the easiest to read I have seen.”
Zach C. – 1/06

“Thanks for your thorough inspection.  Your help and advice was extremely helpful.”
Jonathan G. – 12/07

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